Taipa Stock & Saloon History

'The Mecca of Speedway'

Pre 1989 History

Pre 1989 History

Awanui track was still racing after Taipa got underway....

Crunch Bradley's photos

Awanui - 1987/88 Opening Day

 Awanui - 'All-in' Dennis Ansley is 4th back on outside row.  Ray Jordan is in the background in his Rover Super (this car became Roy Walker's first Taipa car)

Awanui - 'C-Overs' now called 'Production'  Robert Bradley and Dennis Ansley in the lead

Awanui - 'C-Overs' Dennis Ansleys' Pink Panther on his way to the chequered flag

Awanui - B Grade, Don MacKenzies' Super is behind the Bradley Charger

Awanui - Bradley Charger gains the lead