Taipa Stock & Saloon History

'The Mecca of Speedway'

1992/1993 Season

1992/1993 Season 

The photos on this page give some idea of how much higher the top straight was compared with the bottom straight...the track simply followed the lay of the land in the early years.

Entrants in first Teams Event held at Taipa

Winners of first teams Event - (2 Taipa & 2 Kaikohe) Dave Summerville, Pete Byers, Mere Poharama, Rod Grimwood

Taipa - Peter Hessell driving for the Kaikohe Roadrunner Team in the lead. Percy Poharama in his blue RX4 back there giving chase

Taipa - C Grade - Robbie Denison, Fred Ross, and the Sandersons' cars

Taipa - Start of the 'All-in' Robert Bradley's HQ out in front

Taipa - Action on the top corner captured from bottom flag box position

Taipa - C Grade rollover - note the base white silica sand showing through the track surface

Taipa - view from top corner before commentators box was built - Steve & Barbara Larsen's Charger racing the pole line

Taipa - Larsen's Charger now being chased by Bradley cars

Houhora - Who called him 'Crunch' Bradley....surely 'Mopar' Bradley would have suited!

Houhora - another Demo Derby Charger in Bradley's yard

Taipa - Demo Derby - Percy's Falcon Ute behind has died!