Taipa Stock & Saloon History

'The Mecca of Speedway'

1990/1991 Season

1990/1991 Season

 Taipa - Steve Larsen with arm raised next to Robbie Denniston's Laser - on the right is car 4, the B Grade Torana, owned by Mike Veza and sometimes driven by Wacky Wendy Masters

Taipa - Jalopy race - Te Hapua Driver Peter May in his XC Falcon- centre roll bar and 3 point belt

 Taipa - racing in the silica dust

Taipa - view of pits with Percy's RX2

Taipa - Percy's RX2 -Mere in drivers seat

 Taipa - Percy helping Mere to belt up

 Taipa - Dennis Ansley leading Robert Bradley in C-Overs


First Queens Birthday